Inter-American Development Bank, 4th & 5th Floor Renovations

Washington, DC

Inter-American Development Bank



Project Overview

This “fast track” interior renovation and construction of a 19,000 SF television studio and post production audio-visual facility, complete with sound booths, control rooms, editing rooms and administrative offices, involved the demolition of all existing finishes and electrical/mechanical systems. New construction utilized state of the art applications of acoustically rated partitions utilizing double stud/drywall construction with acoustical insulation, kinetic isolation, acoustical sealants, and sound attenuating wall coverings.

Construction also included complete new mechanical and electrical systems, including new air handlers and distribution. Particular attention was directed towards the execution of specific architectural/engineering details provided by the design team to ensure the operating integrity of the facility during “on air” and recording time and post production editing applications.  All work was done while maintaining daily operations of an adjacent office environment.