creating a positive influence on the built environment

Sustainability in practice

We implement sustainability strategy across our services, working with clients and partners to spread innovative green practices to properties we develop, build, manage, and operate.

Donohoe Development chooses smart growth, re-envisioning urban infill sites to integrate environmental goals starting with design and lasting beyond delivery.


Development Sustainability

Donohoe Construction’s LEED-accredited building professionals implement green building construction practices to preserve resources and minimize the footprint of construction activities.

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Donohoe Real Estate Services advocates with building owners to seek LEED certification and utilize best practices in energy-efficient property improvements and operations.


donohoe real estate sustainability

Donohoe Hospitality Services employs smart choices from design through daily operations to ingrain sustainability in the hotels across our portfolio.

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hospitality sustainability

Complete Building Services manages buildings efficiently and effectively – extending their useful life and reducing their carbon footprints.

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A Greener Headquarters

Donohoe’s Green Team employee resource group was formed in 2018 with a mission to educate and support Donohoe employees to foster a culture of environmental stewardship across our five service divisions. To achieve this, the committee develops sustainability objectives and strategies and partners with employees to take action to implement these eco-friendly business practices, with the goal of reducing resource consumption and waste production companywide.

Green Team initiatives:

  • Increased awareness through targeted internal communications campaigns focused on social, economic, ecological, and physiological areas of sustainability
  • Removed disposable products and water bottles at our dual headquarters and replaced them with reusable, recyclable, or compostable products
  • Partnered with Veteran’s Compost to implement a composting program at our dual headquarters
  • Launched efficient printing practices to reduce paper waste