Development processes that deliver

1 Site Evaluation

Our development process begins by understanding the opportunities and limitations of a specific property. Decades of experience in developing office, residential, hotel, retail, and specialty projects allows us to examine all possibilities for a site to determine a property’s highest-and-best-use. As owners ourselves, we keenly understand how a landowner’s existing improvements, tenancies, and financial strategy all affect the best future use for a site. It’s how we excel at improving properties in the high barrier-to-entry markets that are our focus.

2 Market Research & Analysis

With the right property in hand, we perform an in-depth feasibility analysis that carefully measures the intricate regulatory, political, and legal influences on a project. We evaluate market-wide economic, financing, and demographic trends to identify potential risks, capitalize on significant opportunities, and uncover alternatives. This foresight ensures that we craft a project that meets the risk-adjusted returns that investors require.

3 EntitlementS & Permitting


The entitlements process varies among jurisdictions, and typically includes agreements on the height, massing, density, and siting of a project, together with vehicular access, impact fees, and availability of sufficient public infrastructure. The process often requires rezoning, design review, and negotiation with planners, neighbors, political bodies, and other interest groups. As we negotiate entitlements, our seasoned, respected team adds significant value and protects the project fundamentals throughout this process.


Our experienced team minimizes schedule impacts with a keen eye for identifying and actively addressing pitfalls within the permitting process. Knowledgeable and skillful development oversight ensures that plans and specs are comprehensive, and anticipates building code, regulatory requirements, and utility specifications.

4 Design Management

We pinpoint efficiencies and evaluate design with a project’s ROI in mind. A vast network of consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers, as well as our internal divisions, are leveraged to determine the best and most cost-effective solutions to design challenges. Our ability to effectively manage the design process yields efficiently designed buildings for ownership.

5 DEVELOPMENT Management

Donohoe Development has an in-depth knowledge of contracting. Working hand in hand with Donohoe Construction, we understand construction from both the owner’s and contractor’s perspective, giving us a unique ability to anticipate and overcome challenges. We understand the complete project life cycle and apply our extensive and diverse experience to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and budget.


We develop projects in high-density, urban infill locations that are innately sustainable based on their transit-accessibility, walkability, and access to existing infrastructure. Sustainable sites are complemented by our commitment to sustainable project design, construction, and operations. Our environmentally-friendly projects appeal to tenants and owners, provide long-term benefits to the community, and deliver superior returns on investment.


Green Development Technologies we employ:

  • Green roofs
  • Solar arrays
  • Rainwater landscape irrigation
  • Onsite stormwater management
  • ASHRAE indoor air quality standards


  • High-efficiency lighting
  • Smart thermostats
  • Water-saving fixtures and landscaping
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances and equipment
  • Electric car charging ports
  • Dedicated bike infrastructure