SGT, inc.

Services Provided by Donohoe:

  • Tenant Representation


Based in Greenbelt, Maryland, SGT, Inc. is an active partner with many other well-known national government contractors, providing services in engineering, mission operations, etc., around the country.


Many of SGT’s contracts require either actual leased space and/or in-place negotiated pricing for spaces that can be quickly leased, subject to their winning of contracts, at multiple locations throughout the country.


DRES utilized its membership in Corfac International, a membership-based referral organization to partner with brokers in other markets as diverse as Cleveland, Boston, Pasadena, Huntsville, and Honolulu to insure that SGT, Inc. had access to excellent representation while maintaining the continuity of a home-based relationship. Ultimately, DRES was able to provide SGT with market information, site selection, and lease negotiation for eight different office locations throughout the U.S. totaling over 140,000 SF of leasing.

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