Rate Leadership in a Challenging Market

Residence Inn Capitol, Washington, DC

Donohoe Hospitality outperforms even in volatile markets. The hospitality industry is subject to many uncontrollable circumstances from weather events, to health crises, to changes in the economic environment. In 2019 the Washington D.C. market was adversely affected by a lengthy government shutdown as well as the opening of several new extended stay properties. Opened in 2005, this hotel shared its development with the establishment of the Smithsonian’s Native American Museum. Working in conjunction with the museum, the hotel incorporated a similar sandstone façade as the museum and included Native American accents throughout the hotel. Because of the unique quality and service at this property, and its excellent location near the U.S. Capitol and many area attractions, the hotel outperformed this D.C. submarket, overcoming challenges caused by the government shutdown.


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