Property Management

Property management

Foremost in property management is understanding the goals and financial objectives of the owner. Owners today are more sophisticated and demand their management team be equally capable; indeed, they are looking for a partner who will protect and enhance asset value. Accordingly, DRES takes a holistic approach to property management and has created a strong and diverse team of professional managers, engineers, accountants, and third-party contractors.

The DRES team is designed to implement property-specific management plans, to collaborate in ways that minimize building expenses, maintain on-site conditions, maximize building systems, and promote favorable tenant experiences. Knowing that managers are ultimately evaluated on a property’s financial performance, every action is geared toward maintaining building occupancy, creating building solutions when necessary, and promoting financial stability.

DRES’ experience is vast, serving both single-asset and multi-property owners, helping landlords with retail, office, and industrial properties, and maintaining relationships with private investors, corporate and non-profit entities, and institutional landlords. We are confident in the property management platform we have developed and know it delivers the results demanded in today’s competitive real estate landscape.

Asset management

DRES’ role as an asset manager is to be continually vigilant in assessing and enhancing the value of the property under its care. Our vertically-integrated structure means most needed services are present under one roof and are easily and affordably activated to serve our clients. We spend an equal amount of time on ‘behind the scenes’ endeavors like property accounting and financial analysis/reporting as we do on ‘forward’ activities like tenant service and capital project planning. Accordingly, our asset management team is skilled in the use of modern financial software like MRI, Yardi, and Argus and maintains relationships with numerous, highly-qualified third-party consultants, vendors, and contractors.

Our team has developed nuanced best practices that focus not only on improving the physical asset itself, but which maximize operational performance, highlight the tenant experience, and deliver timely, accurate accounting and financial data. When appropriate DRES can advise our clients about applicable exit strategies.

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