With the entitlement and permitting processes, we confirm the legal right to build a specific project. Both processes are time-consuming, require an intricate understanding of regulatory details, and also require strong managerial control to keep consultants working within schedule and on budget.  Donohoe Development has a long history of successfully navigating these processes to achieve timely approvals, permits and consents.


The entitlement process varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but typically includes agreements on the height, massing, density, and siting of a project, together with vehicular access, impact fees, and availability of sufficient public infrastructure. The process often includes rezoning, design review, and negotiation with planners, neighbors, political bodies, and other interest groups. Because the entitlement process is a negotiated one, our seasoned, respected team adds significant value and protects the project fundamentals throughout this process.


The permitting process includes determinations of compliance with building codes and regulatory requirements, in conjunction with coordination of separate approvals from each utility. This process also requires knowledgeable and skillful development oversight to ensure that plans and specs are comprehensive, and anticipate code and utility concerns. Our experienced team minimizes schedule impacts with a keen eye for identifying and actively addressing pitfalls within the permitting process.

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