Since our beginning, we have been a family-owned company, and we are still guided by the principles of service and integrity that have been associated with the Donohoe name since inception. We're proud to have a dynamic, experienced and dedicated team that shares our mission and leads the way to continuing excellence and growth.

Thomas Penny, III

Drew McCafferty
Executive Vice President
Leticia Proctor
Senior Vice President 
Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

Cheryl S. Haughton
Regional Director of Operations,
Full Service & Lifestyle Hotels

Michael Golembe
Regional Director of Operations,
Focused Service and Extended Stay Hotels

Seon Heo
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
Neeta Mayur
Corporate Director of Revenue Management

Talo Nance
Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting
Hun Duong

Fekade Stephanos
Corporate Manager, Information & Technology
Deirdre Robinson
Vice President, Human Resources 

Donohoe Hospitality Services
7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 700 
Bethesda, MD 20814
T 202.333.0880

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