Hotel Management Recognizes the Power of Women at Donohoe Hospitality Services

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Press Release

As the hospitality industry continues to provide opportunities for women, Donohoe Hospitality Services stands out as a leader with its predominantly female upper-level executive and management teams.  Hotel Management Magazine recently took note of this diversity of leadership featuring the company in an article in its March issue.  From general managers to corporate senior vice presidents, women are in a variety of decision-making roles that are propelling this dynamic hospitality management company forward. 

Donohoe Hospitality Services President Thomas Penny III considers the company’s longstanding efforts at balance as pioneering.  Mr. Penny notes in the article that Donohoe Hospitality was at the forefront of championing women in leadership as part of its corporate culture for at least the past 20 years.  Penny notes that his team of a dozen executive women, “represent the soul of the division.” 

Women featured in the article include Leticia Proctor, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management, Cheryl Haughton, Regional Director of Operations, Neeta Mayur, Corporate Director of Revenue Management, Danielle Rice, Director of Human Resources, Seon Heo, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, Sheri Swain, General Manager at the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, Flavia Sampaio, General Manager at the Residence Inn Rosslyn, VA, Seviye Gucbilmez, General Manager of the Residence Inn Dupont Circle Washington, D.C., Deidra Davis, General Manager of the Residence Inn Washington, D.C. Capitol, Flavia Sampaio, General Manager of the Residence Inn Rosslyn Arlington, VA, Jacquie Holder, Assistant General Manager of the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, Ariel Harrison, Human Resources Manager and Amada Saravia, Benefits and Communications Manager.